MX Lava Custard Mooncake

MX Lava Custard Mooncake

Hong Kong MX Mooncakes
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Lava Custard Mooncake (New Pack Design)

This scrumptious mooncake is made utilizing the unique ‘double-bake’ technique, in which the salted egg yolks are baked once before being roasted again with the luscious custard. This creates a magnificent, harmonious blend of egg yolks and coconut.

Made with the finest ingredients such as French Butter, Southeast Asian coconut cream, and exceptional salted egg yolks, this delightful combination gives the mooncake its signature “ooze” without needing to heat it up! The MX Lava custard mooncake grants you a new level of gastronomic indulgence.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if the worlds and the characters on the mooncake boxes started coming to life? Well, with this new and innovative AR technology your imaginations will come true, and this magical world will spring to life on your mobile screen! You can tap the image to discover a 3D simulation of culinary alchemy, embarking on a journey that celebrates the finest ingredients, passion and precious reunions. Sit back, relax, and watch a fictional culinary experience come to life!

 Simply open the WeChat Mini Program, scan the label on the box, and move the camera closer to the image on the box to see the AR virtual effect on your mobile.​

 Made in Hong Kong

 8 pcs/box, approx. 45g/pc

 Awarded 2024 Gold Medal of Monde Selection International Quality Award

(Monde Selection, independent Quality Institute, has been evaluating consumer products since 1961 to indicate with an international Award their level of quality to consumers.)

 Serving Tips:

After removing the wrapping bag at room temperature, heat the mooncake with microwave oven (1000W) for 5-10 seconds.

 流心奶黃月餅 (新包裝) 








 (美心流心奶黃月餅) 的包裝設計概念源於煉金術士在月亮仙境收集了最上等的食材,如月光麵粉、星辰奶油和仙境特有的雞蛋。柔滑的奶黄和濃郁的餡料,使整個月亮仙境充滿了誘人的香氣。居民們品嚐後,再將這「美心流心奶黃月餅」的美名傳播四海八方。

 煉金之術轉化為AR體驗!立即掃一掃月餅盒旁邊的QR code,進入AR月亮仙境,活現仙境有趣角色,一同參加中秋佳節的AR月餅宴會!




 2024年世界品質評鑑大會Monde Selection金獎

(Monde Selection是獨立的品質研究機構,自1961年成立以來就一直從事消費品的品質評鑒,並以其國際性的品質獎章向消費者展示產品的質量水準。)